Zenith 30IZ

If anyone is thinking of converting to a Zenith Carburetter, a new one is difficult to set up with older Reliant engines. Paul Haley, Northern Area Rep, has suggested the following settings. for example, the original main jet was about 103, and was reduced to 93 to meet emission regulations. Unfortunately this reduces the performance of the older engines quite considerably. Providing your engine is exempt from emission testing, Paul recommends you check yours is about 103.

Venturi 20mm

Main Jet 92.5 t 95 (100 105 works better with older engines)

Correction Jet 160 175

Auxilary Jet 60

Economy Jet 60

Auxilary air bleed jet 1.20

Needle Valve 1.3 1.5

Needle Valve Washer 2.0mm

Float 11

Idle Tube 40

Pump Injector 45

Emulsion Tube 66