Slave Cylinder Spring Washer

  1. The wavy spring washer behind each of the rear brake slave cylinders can be a real pain, especially when tackled in-situ. I had taken the opportunity to replace both the rear brake cylinders and brake pipes while I had the back of the Bug in bits. So, what is the secret of quick and easy replacement of the wavy spring washers ?

Easy, put the brake cylinder and wavy spring washer roughly in place then take a " AF ring spanner (used for removing the road springs and dampers) and place the ring behind the brake back-plate and over the slave cylinder spigot (and the wavy spring washer). Take a simple G clamp; one end on the cylinder, the other over the " ring spanner, slowly tighten the G clamp until the wavy spring washer, compressed and flattened gently by the " ring spanner, goes "click - click" into place.

Job done !

 Best regards

Pete Wood "Tangerine Dream" PFB 22L