Phoenix or Vista Orange, that WAS the question.

In the past battles have raged between the Phoenix's and the Vista's, each side claiming that they were nearest to the god of old, that old elusive Tangerine Orange.

According to the old paint scolls there were two Phoenix Oranges, a 1975 version which is a light orange and a 1978 version which is one code lighter than Vista Orange. There is also a plain Orange, which is one code different from the 1978 Phoenix orange but they have failed to see any real followers.

Due to difference between the 1978 Phoenix Orange and the Vista Orange being almost undetectable, The gods have decided to bring them together and call them the Phoenix/Vista Orange.

So that age old argument between should the bug be Vista or Phoenix Orange looks like a thing of the past.

Not wanting to feel left out I have decided I must leave the Grey Primers and venture to join the elete Phoenix/Vista Orange's, to that end I put out the word among the followers for advise on completing the initiation ceromony.

If you contact a girl called Louise at Earlex on 01483 454666 and mention you are Bug Club members, she can advise you on the Super Sprayer 85 and 95.

New they are between 46 and 64 pounds, re-furbished units are also available.