IAM Drive & Survive’s fuel saving tips include:

• Keep your vehicle moving as long as you can, even in traffic queues. This saves fuel because you’re not stop-starting and it is safer: the less often you are stationary, the less likely you are to be hit from behind

• Plan ahead to avoid the need for heavy braking. This improves fuel economy, keeps you moving and makes you a safer driver because you are more likely to anticipate hazards

• Check your vehicle regularly to ensure it operates efficiently. In particular check your tyres – their inflation has a big impact on fuel economy. This also means you’re less likely to break-down in a vulnerable place

• Remove unnecessary weight, including roof racks, car clutter and unnecessary heavy items in the boot. Excess weight reduces fuel economy, and reducing clutter ensures you stay focused and prevents anything loose in the car getting lodged under your pedals

• Use air conditioning and climate control sparingly as they significantly increase fuel consumption. Don’t forget though that air-conditioning can help demist your windows in the colder months

• Experiment changing your gears up earlier, for petrol engines 2,500 rpm (revs per minute) and diesel engines 2,000 rpm. Many drivers find that this gives their driving a much needed focus, leading to safer driving