The following statement was released by the IAM Motoring Trust on 19th November 2009:

Advice for motorists considering driving in flood conditions:

1. Don't go in if the water’s obviously too deep or flowing too quickly: consider an alternative route.

2. If you have to drive through water try to drive in the highest section of the road and don't set off if a vehicle is travelling in the opposite direction. Leave time and space for each other, so you don't swamp other drivers.

3. Drive only fast enough to create a small bow wave in front of the vehicle - driving at speed may be dangerous to other vehicles or pedestrians.

4. Keep going once you have started - make sure you have a clear run, put the car into first gear, keep the revs high and set off. Don't go in if you can't see a way out on the other side.

5. Do not take your foot even slightly off the accelerator, as this will allow water to travel up the exhaust pipe. As you go through the water, slip the clutch if you can. After you come out, dry brakes gently before you need them - the best way is to lightly apply the brake as you drive along for a few seconds.

6. At the other side, keep moving and continue to rev the engine to clear any water from the exhaust.

Happy Motoring