WARNING - Vehicles are being clamped with 24hr notice of disposal.

If you have a vehicle that is in the process of being restored and is not SORN (statutory off road notification) registered, the chances are that it could be clamped and given a 24Hr notice of disposal. So check your vehicle every day to make sure it hasn't been posted.

The story goes that one chap was in the process of getting an exchange engine and found on his return that the car had been taken away and crushed. Not only did he get a jail sentence for refusing to pay the costs, he now has a reconditioned engine but no car to put it in.

In theory any vehicle not driven on the highway (taxed) after 31/01/98 does not have to be SORN registered, this didn't stop a company working on behalf of the DVLA from clamping and posting a historic vehicle parked in an alleyway behind the owners house. It was only by chance that the notice was spotted. In the end it was pointed out to the company that it was not only a registered historic vehicle, but was infact on private property. The clamp was removed. What would have happened if the notice had not been spotted?

The intention of the DVLA is to use these companies to identify and dispose of vehicles that have been fired, orphaned, dumped or driven on the road illegally i.e. without MOT or Tax. Unfortunately the people removing the vehicles do not check if the vehicle is on private property and leave the onus on the owner of the vehicle to prove that the vehicle does not fall into one of these categories.

It may be worth checking that your vehicle is SORN registered if the tax ran out after 31/01/98. I would also suggest that you re-register your vehicle as a historic vehicle if it was registered before January 1973.

It may also be a good idea to put a notice of your vehicle, even if it is on your own property, stating that the vehicle is not dumped and is undergoing restoration as a classic vehicle.

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(Information courtesy of Paul Haley, Bug Club Northern area Representative. Contact him on 01924 255150 for further details).