Mobile Phones - the official line

As it is a topical issue at the moment, you may wish to see a copy of the Department of the Environment,Transport and the Regions official stance.

Department of the Environment,
Transport and the Regions

Mobile Phones and Driving

Mobile phones can be an essential means of communication away from the office or home and for motorists they can be an important security asset in the event of an emergency. However, using a mobile phone while driving can distract your attention from the road, and driving today requires all your concentration all of the time.


It is unsafe for a driver to use a hand-held mobile phone.
Making or receiving a call, even with a hands-free phone, can distract your attention from driving and could lead to an accident.
Responsibility for the safe control of a vehicle always rests with the driver.

The law says...

You must have proper control of your vehicle at all times. If the use of a phone causes you to drive in a careless or dangerous manner you could be prosecuted for those offences. The penalties include an unlimited fine, disqualification and up to two years imprisonment.

And remember - it's not just mobile phones. It can be just as dangerous to take your hand off the steering wheel and your eyes off the road for any reason not connected with driving, for example to change a tape.

Never use a hand-held phone while driving

It is safer not to use a hands-free phone while driving

Use a message service and take regular breaks

Reporting accidents and other incidents


Installation of Hands-free Equipment