Brooklands Motorsport weekend
(sponsored by the CSMA)
Keith Hogben managed to get three tickets for the Brooklands Motorsport Weekend and decided to invite his father Harry and myself along. Thanks Keith.

Despite the poor organisation, especially for the disabled, it turned out to be quite a good day. A lot of classic cars turned up but they put them all in with the visitors cars so you had to take a drive around the car parks if you wanted to see any of them.

Brooklands itself has a lot to offer with a wealth of motor sport and airo industry history. The restoration of the Wellington bomber they pulled out of Lock Ness in 1985 is progressing well and you can still see parts of the old banked track that was built in 1907, the first of its kind in the world.

There are a lot of displays of both aircraft, their support vehicles, and a wide selection of old and not so old racing cars.

The Keystone Cops were on hand to keep law and order, not that it was needed, and to round off the day they had old and modern motor vehicles trying out the Test Hill that was constructed in 1909. The record of 7.45 seconds, which still stands today, was set in 1932 by R.G.J. Nash in a Frazer Nash.
Verdict - worth a visit!
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