Local meet - October 2004

First time back to Sundays, but unfortunatly I completely forgot to send out a reminder this month so the turn out was low. Or maybe it was just the weather. Still we had the good old Manta club turn out with 5 cars, along with a new visiter in his Lancia Montecarlo and the return of an old visiter in his beutiful Humber.

MK Museum - September 2004

00This is turning into one of the major events in the area, not only do you get a good selection of classic clubs, cars and bikes, you also get to take a look around what is becomming a very interesting museum. Something for all the family.

Bond rally - September 2004

This years road runwas from Wolverton tesco to Bletchly Park and included a good selection of Bond cars along with some local classic car club members.

Local meet - March 2004

Another typical british day, started off sunny and warm only to turn cold and wet. Remind me of that old saying; "If you do not like the weather, wait a minute". We had a good turn out of classics, including two cars from the Opel Manter club as well as a guest turn out from the Elice owners club. See pic for details. Dale of Practical Classics.co.uk made a suprise appearence, the first time for 5 months. He says he will be along more often now that we are moving back to the first Friday of the month from April (ready for the start of the rally season). Hope to see you all on the Friday 2nd April, 7.30 - 9.30pm. same place.

Giffard Park - 2004

Quite a large turnout this year, mainly from the Buckby contingent.

Local meet - February 2004

What a lovely start to the meet, bright sunshine and the return of some old memebrs along with some new. select the montage for a view of the cars that turned out.

Ian's new Roadster

What a beuty, Ian's new Triumph Roadster. It was professionaly restored a few years ago and is almost in perfect condition. You have to see it to really appreciate it.

Local meet - January 2004

Welcome to the local Opel Manta club, they have made the MKCCC their local meet with a turn out of 6 vehicles, along with a Hillman Minx, Ian's Vittesse, a visiter from the Northampton meet in his Corvette, and my old Riley

Link to MKCCC