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I must apologise that the MKCCC NEWS has not been updated for some time, due to various family issues, things have been a bit difficult. I did take a couple of pictures at the Great Linford waterside Festival, and a few more last Thursday at the Queen Elanor Northampton car meet. It looks like the local TVR club have taken to joining in, they must have had about 15 cars turn up.

Great Linford Pic1, Pic2 - Queen Elanor pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4

MK Classic Car Meet (06.06.03)

It looks like the adverts in the Citizen are staring to pay off, we had three new attendees this month. In all we had an MGB, Cobra, Clan (chassis number 1), Morris Minor (rolling restoration), TR3, E-Type Jag, Bond Bug (yours truly) and a couple of modern cars including a customised BMW.

Les from Stony Stratford popped along to say hello, he has been off the scene recently due to poor health. I am glad to say that he now on the mend.

The Morris Minor has had a lovely engine rebuild, looks like it has just come out of the factory, and as for the Clan, it is the best condition one I have ever seen, and it's chassis plate is Number one (of only a few hundred made).

We have a couple of events on this month, Luton on the 8th (Vauxhall centenary), Great Linford Festival on the 21st and MK Carnival on 28th/29th. Contact details for booking entry are on the events page.

Giffard park School

Thanks to Bob Buckby and family for their support with two Bonds and a special edition Volvo. As usual a sunny day for the first event of the year. It's always nice to support the local schools - select one of the following to view pop-up pics - Bond 1, Bond 2, Stag, Bug , Line up.

Bourton on the water

Another sunny day, and a great day out. Met up with other members just north of Chipping Norton, in all we had attendance from Birmingham, Coventry, Northapton and Milton keynes. We lost a Capri somewhere but met up again later in the day at the Museum. Unfortunatly my camera had a flat battery, but I had the opertunity to pay a second visit later in the week, so here are some pop-up pics -1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Newport Pagnell

A nice early start, on the field by 10am (well it was Sunday) to set up the gazebo, thanks to Ian Selinger for turning up to help. Back home in time for a (very quick) cup of tea before leaving for Blakelands. Departed on the parade through Newport Pagnell (what happened to the Police that were supposed to be marshaling the route, I know the organisers contacted them), we still managed to get round safely, the only mishap that I know of was Ian Bovingdon bottomed out his TVR on one of the ramps, I don't know if winning best of class was any consolation.

I must arrange for a larger club area for next year, we ended up double parked. Welcome to the Local area of the Bug Club that also turned up in support and a big thank you to all the organisers, especially Mike Langford.

Select the following for pics of the day:

Club pic1, Club pic2, Club pic3(Bug Club), Club pic4, Club pic5, Club pic6, Trucks, Army, Riley1, Riley2, Austin1, Austin2, Model T, Fiat 500, Alpine Renault, Misc1, Misc2, Misc3, Misc4, Misc5

Vauxhall Centenary Run (08.05.03)

With runners from all around the world, Milton Keynes was the last stop before the final destination at Luton.

Two cars were lost along the way, one due to an axle problem, the other to a broken block. An Australian entry received a split radiator tank, which was fixed by the support team by gluing a brass plate over the split. For a quick fix, it seemed to be working fine.

I selected one of the better cars to write about, but unfortunately when I tried to get some details, the owner just looked down his nose with distain and walked off, it was obvious that I didn't belong to the click. It's a shame we still find people like this in the clubs, it tends to spoil it for the genuine enthusiast that has made the effort to turn out in support, as well as putting off prospective members. In the end I found one of the orgenisers to chat to about vehicle EH4201.

EH4201 is a 1923 23/60 Type OD (4 cylinder), the OD was a overhead valve version of the side valve Type D. The 23/60 stands for 23 Horsepower, 60mm bore. Breaking was achieved through the transmission and rear break shoes only, sounds a bit like an early version of the engine breaking system. Unfortunately that was all he could tell me about the car, however if anyone would like to find out more, the heritage center is open once a year on the first Sunday(8th) in June. This coincides with the the Luton festival of transport. For details of the Festival, contact 01582 597375 or visit www.cvpg.co.uk

Pics of the day, does one of these belong to you?

WPA 506G Ventura
AE 02-25 Cresta Delux
JLE035 Cresta
SFO 471 Victor
201 LMY Victor
BE 86158 Cresta
DTJ 363E Viva
AMN 519 Velox
197 CRA Wyvern
TY28802 Victor
DR2401 Cresta
VEL 057 - velox
DJB 602 - Type 12
VXO 490
YUR 257X - Chevette
XD 1914 - Cresta
CYL 627 - four ninety
60-92 XE - Cresta
FYX 456 - Velox
UD 6141 - 12/six
UJ 9916 - Type 25
1BBF 282 - Type 10
JB 2422 - 1933 12/six
BMD 857 - 12/six
AHR 870 - Type 14
BPG 766
VE 9827 - 1934
UB 2521 1930 T Type,
2060 20/60 1929 Huntingham
EE 366 1921 E Type 30/98
7340 1930 T80
FZ 40 JH 1932 VX Cadet
OT 7279 1928 R Type 20/60
UD600 1926 LM 14/40
DS 8677 1928 R Type 20/60
EN 1596

BCA 344 1938 H Type
Wyvern 1934 H Type
CAF 567 1936 DX Stratford
JOT108 1951 Velox L
WYL 120 1959 Cresta PA
E1641 1911 Prince Henry
JNM 400 1904 6HP
BS 8213 1903 5HP
ZH 465 921 1933 A Type
WS 2448 1934 ASY
JOF 189 1948 Velox L
BGN 992B 1964 Cresta PB
ABE 197 1937 DX Saloon
BS 12054 1955 Cresta E
KNX 380N
CUY 851W
H267 FNK
Modern ?

Sunday 07.09.03 turnout

Unfortunatly not a very good turn out, probably due to the Kensworth meet, but we did still get four of the best. Pic1, Pic2
I think we need to look at doing a bit of advertising again, I will check the position with the Citizen and look at creating some extra handouts for Thursday at the Queen Eleanor.

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